Giving Thanks


It’s that time again, Thanksgiving.  While you are saying thank you to friends and family who have been instrumental in your life, take a sec to be grateful for the clients and customers who make your business successful. Even though business relationships may not be very personal, it still impacts your life personally. Clients keep your lights on, feed the family and makes sure the roof keeps the rain off. They certainly deserve a thank you.

Silent gratitude is fine too. Just being conscience of the role your clients and customers play in your happiness throughout the day is a start. But if you want to take it a step further, send out holiday cards to customers. Email blasts work too. Or just shoot an email to clients you’ve gotten to know well. Just saying thanks in an email can send the message that you value their business.

I work mostly with business owners. Business owners can feel very protective of their business. Afterall, it’s their baby in a lot of ways. They created it and work tirelessly to help it grow. The fact they they trust me with their very personal possession is a huge compliment. So to all of the clients that have given me the privilege of rocking their baby for a brief time, THANK YOU.