A logo by any other style would smell as sweet.

logoSo what’s in a great logo? If you ask Nike or Coca Cola they might say, nothing special. Just a stroke of a pen and voila, great logo! If you ask many others their answer might be, tons of crafty Illustrator or Photoshop techniques and tricks. A logo is so brand specific and subject to some serious “beauty in the eye of the beholder” that there really is no one size fits all.

Many businesses that are very serious and structured like an accounting firm, law office or management co, like the look of the wordmark form. Wordmarks are text only logos that can be very, very simple or very elaborate. Some are just flat text and others are text that have been seriously manipulated in Photoshop or AI. Either way, they can look amazing and really speak to the genre of business they represent.

Probably more often, folks want to see a bit of pizazz in their logo and prefer a text and icon/emblem combination. Sorta like my logo. <–shameless plug 😀  Nike, again, has cornered the market on the word and the emblem being tied together but being equally recognizable alone. And really, that’s the dream if you have an emblem. I mean, who doesn’t know the Nike symbol at this point. It’s great when your name becomes so well known that even without the text the logo boasts your biz.

Ultimately, your logo should make you feel a way about it. It should speak to you and make you feel that when YOU see it you see your business in art form. If you see it, your audience will see it too.