Inspiration is not a four letter word.


Most of us get inspired daily to do any number of things. You see a cute hairstyle on a celebrity and decide to try it. You see the amazing coats that Olivia Pope wears and decide to buy one, a couple sizes bigger, but whatever. 🙂 The world around us inspires us to do many trivial things in our personal lives but it also inspires serious change or provocative actions. So let your website be inspired by what you see and hear too.

Your website should be a representation of you, of course, but there is no rule that says it can’t be inspired by some other site. Make no mistake, inspiration is not plagiarism. Webster’s provides two very distinct definitions of both and they are not the same. This is not your 12th grade English paper, the rules are not so rigid.

Most web designers have an arsenal of web designs in their quiver and can whip them out in no time to give you an awesome site. Trouble is, what one person thinks is awesome, someone else may find too modern, too old fashioned, too colorful, too bland. So, we typically ask you to take a look around the web and find a site you love in order for us to get started designing your site. We want you to find something in which you love the colors, the style, the function. I can then build you that exact site. BUT I WONT!

We’re back to the difference between inspiration and plagiarism. We’re asking for your ideal site because that gives us an idea of what type of look you like, not so that we can duplicate some other designers hard work and skill. It’s all about inspiration. I can be sure that you love the site I create for you right out the gate and not have to do a dozen redesigns that delay your timeline for getting your site published. And unlike those trendy bangs that are a bear to maintain or that gorgeous white coat that you ruin with a red wine stain, your website will be perfect and right for you.