Is Social Media Really Necessary?


Believe it or not there are still many business owners who do not see why they need social media. If you think about it, it’s not that hard to believe. Many businesses have operated for years, even decades, without the need for social media. They gained customers and networked with other businesses all without ever tweeting a word. This was, of course, before social media existed.

So why in the world would they need social media now? Well, the world is exactly why they need it. The world is a different place from the pre-internet era. Like most things, what used to work will only work so well today. Imagine, for a second, if you started a business and didn’t create a website. How would customers find you to use your service or buy your product? I doubt anyone would try to establish a business today without first making sure they had a website. But this is a new method of doing business. The internet was certainly not how you found a business just 20 years ago. You thumbed through an enormous bound collection of company profiles called The Yellow Pages. Business owners made sure they had great Yellow Pages ads. They knew that everyone looking for their service would go to that resource. Today, the exact same concept is true for social media.

Today, social media is where everyone looks to identify your brand. Even the Yellow Pages has a Facebook and Twitter page! 🙂 Consumers today expect to see social media as a standard part of your business’ identity. With so many competitors, social media can set your brand apart from other companies offering the same services. Current, modern content is so important to your company’s overall image. Just like a website or business cards, social media is a norm.

“Ok ok”, you say, “I get it. I need social media but I do not have the time!”. Yes, keeping even one social platform updated is a daily job for many companies. Pilar L. Davis Media creates fun, informative content daily to keep your businesses social content fresh and current. And remember, social media is not the enemy or a bad thing. It’s a tool in your business arsenal and it’s a lot lighter than a phone book!