Your best business feature: YOU

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We’ve all seen someone’s Facebook page or Twitter feed that boasts the product or service they are marketing. Well constructed, articulately worded posts that say buy this, or use my service! The gist being that they want your business and they want you to know they are available for your needs. Well, that’s all good and fine and definitely an integral part to doing business but it’s not the most important ingredient.

When hosting a social media page you have to remember that this is a “social” experience in which people are engaged. Think of it as a meet and greet at a local networking event. Would you walk in and just start rattling off your resume and services or would you schmooze a little bit? Talk up the family and strike up convos about the best places to eat and schools for the little ones, etc. You’d socialize. The same is true for social media.

Your Twitter feed should boast your services, yes, but you should also have tons of personal conversations with your favorite teams, celebrities and even your competition. Facebook should be business with a personal slant. Use the personal pronoun “I” a lot. Don’t talk like a robot or faceless company. Include personal details when describing your company and it’s daily goings on. Integrate some fun family photos and videos in your Vine and Instagram posts. Now, you don’t want to post formal family photos, but your babies first laugh is just a good post no matter what the forum.

In general, be social, be friendly, be real. Make sure all of your social media reflects your business’ best asset, you.