Nana Knows Best

Teenage Grandson Helping Grandmother With Laptop

A week or so ago, I wrote that Facebook was not just your grandma’s social site anymore. I was playing off the fact that teens had largely abandoned the social giant after their parents and grandparents infiltrated it by the masses. Not to mention that it had become a valuable tool for businesses as well. Well this week we learned that Facebook isn’t the only place that grandma has found a footing, Twitter is gaining a little ground with nana too!

Natalie Yellin, the grandmother of Brian Grassadonia who is part of the creative team at Square, Inc. since 2009, has rocked the Twitter-sphere this week. The self proclaimed, “granny of Square”, has been influential in testing and vetting Square’s newest cash application. And it doesn’t stop there. Grandma Natalie, who says she only started on Twitter to keep in touch with her grandson, has become the one to know for the business set in several areas around Square.

@grannyny being crowned the new belle of the ball on Twitter just reinforces how social media is a breathing entity that evolves and adapts even further than its creators can predict. Even I started on social media years ago just to stay in contact with my younger siblings who are all at least 15 years younger than me. They were all on Myspace and rarely used their phones so I created an account and saw them more online than in real life. Businesses need to take heed. Social media has remained a major factor in business for good reason. People come to the social media shores for a variety of reasons. There is no “type” that doesn’t have tons of exceptions. Realizing that there is a vast and ever changing audience is critical to businesses getting the best out of their social media. And if nana is tweeting, it won’t be long before we have the best recipes money doesn’t have to buy on Vine and Vimeo.  🙂

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